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Who are we

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We, at Emakia, strive to protect users and receivers from unwanted social media content. We are developing a system that filters out harassment and provides a support system in the event of harassment. The support system also seeks to provide mental health support for the online community. 


The Emakia system applies Machine Learning classifier models on incoming social media data to help solve the problem of online harassment. A prototype was developed by transferring the data with REST API protocols. The Emakia system trained the ML classifiers, CoreML, and AutoML on English labeled data to filter out unwanted content. Enaëlle, our prototype iPhone application, runs the trained models on the user’s device. A lexicon functions as an adaptive filter to retrain the model with unknown terms. We are using a set of metrics that helps us measure and track development.

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Our Story

Based in San Francisco, CA, and founded by Corinne David, Emakia Tech is an all women led organization with groundbreaking technology using machine learning to filter out online harassment for the receiver. Bolstered by the granting of two patents for Emakia's technology, we are focused on building a better Internet for all: especially for women, minorities and persons who classify themselves as LGBTQ. Our technology sends cyberbullying comments on social media platforms into a tab marked for harassment. Our aim is to not only filter out harassment, but also connect receivers who need the help with corroborating support groups such as: NAACP, International Women's Media Foundation, Amnesty International, National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, Association for Women's Rights, LGBT National Help Center & Human Rights Campaign.

Meet The Team

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