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Engineering Ecosystem

Emakia Tech is building an AI ecosystem of engineers by joining, immersing, and giving presentations to communities. We are involved in the following communities: Moz Fest, Women Who Code, Google cloud community (C2C), and NLP communities. We plan to raise the women engineers’ interest in engaging in a safer social media environment by offering networking and mentorship to them.

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MozFest 's Trustworthy AI Working Groups 3 cohort. 

Emakia Tech is proud to be selected as part of Mozilla Foundation's Mozfest's Trustworthy AI Working Groups 3 cohort. 


MozFest has synergistic goals with Emakia Tech as it forges connections between people and organizations across the globe to build a healthier internet. Partnering with MozFest, Emakia Tech will continue to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues online; misinformation, harassment, and the erosion of privacy. Emakia Tech looks forward to being part of MozFest’s immersive sessions that teach privacy best practices, develop solutions to online misinformation and harassment, build open-source tools, support Trustworthy AI innovations, and more.


Over the years, MozFest has fueled the movement to ensure that the internet benefits humanity, rather than harms it. This global collaboration platform they’ve established to build a healthier internet will engage with Emakia Tech in meaningful and integral capacity.

June 20-21, 2023 Presentation MozFest Amsterdam 

Women Who Code - Hack Night with WWCode SF!

Hack Night with WWCode SF: Do you want support with your personal projects? Do you have an interest in sharing or getting feedback on a project or demo? Or maybe you’re interested in dedicating some time to study with other members of WWCode? WWCode, San Francisco is here for you. Let’s hack on our respective personal projects and study together.

WWCode provides an empowering experience for everyone who participates in or supports our community. Our events are intended to inspire women to excel in technology careers, and anyone who is there for this purpose is welcome. Corinne David gave the following presentations to the Women Who Code community. 

Oct 04, 2023,  "SwiftUI Data Flow"

July 05, 2023,  “Swift Development (Getting Data from Twitter and CoreML) on an iPhone"

November 16, 2022,  “MLOps, Framework for continuous delivery and automation of machine Learning”

October 19, 2022,  “Vertex AI: Node.js Client”

July 20, 2022,  “A Curl example breakdown and a code run-through of the Toolkit Recent Search Twitter Google Cloud.”

 May 18, 2022, "Getting Twitter Data on Google Cloud Server"

March 16, 2022, "Emakia Tech"

C2C Global

C2C brings together Google Cloud customers from around the globe to share ideas, insights, and strategies in a space that’s built for authentic, peer-to-peer cloud conversation. By tapping into the collective wisdom of cloud professionals, we are looking to overcome challenges, drive business growth, or dive into technical details.

April 27, 2023, presentation to the C2C 2Chat community, with the title: "Emakia - Vertex AI - Text classifier AutoML". 


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