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Corinne David
CEO and Founder

For the past three years, Corinne has devoted herself exclusively to growing Emakia’s technology and developing its application, Enaëlle. 

She has twenty-six years of industry experience working for technology startups in engineering and accumulating expertise in diverse technologies.


Earlier, Corinne developed another AI software technology that predicts solar power production capacity using ML technology that ran on nine servers at Forecast Energy. 


At IO-Informatics, Corinne was involved in developing an application to predict protein ID from 2D electrophoresis images. 


At Molecular devices, she modified the Softmaxpro software, a microplate reader with data acquisition and analysis to adapt to hardware changes. She rewrote all the calculations to integrate time-tagged data in place index data. 


Her two patent applications describing the Emakia system had been issued in 2021. She has a B.S. in computer science from San Francisco State University.

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